2020 Community Impact Report

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To our Park community, This year has challenged what it means to work, to live, to connect with our colleagues, friends and families. But it has also shown us the resilience, creativity and innovative spirit that has defined RTP is more than strong enough to face these challenges.

The stories below only scratch the surface of the people, partnerships and developments that united our community of 300 companies and 55,000 employees in 2020. And although the future will bring a new set of obstacles, this year has given us confidence in our ability to face them together.Scott Levitan,
President and CEO, Research Triangle Foundation

Meeting challenges through innovation

In a year marked by COVID-19, natural disasters and polarizing politics, RTP will also remember it as a time that brought us together.

Collaborations between universities and researchers in the Triangle worked to track virus data and begin work on vaccines and protective equipment for the virus and related health issues.

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Forever groundbreaking

There’s one thing 2020 did not affect: the fact that RTP is one of the best places for business in the country. Developers broke ground on new projects, including the highly-anticipated $1B Hub RTP mixed-use district, and several health and pharmaceutical companies announced expansions that will bring thousands of high-paying jobs to the Triangle.

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Celebrating our diverse community

RTP companies are working intentionally to remove barriers to entry, invite more voices to the table, and champion new perspectives. This year, the RTP DEI Collective was established to facilitate and collaborate on these efforts, and STEM RTP reached hundreds of North Carolina students who are historically underrepresented in scientific careers. We also doubled down on our mission to impact all North Carolinians, opening Frontier Warren.

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A safer, more secure Park.

From increased check-in protocols and emergency response plans to nationally-recognized security initiatives, RTP companies and facilities have committed to improved safety for all.

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A sustainable path to the future.

For more than 60 years, RTP has set the standard for research parks. Looking forward, we want to ensure the Park is viable for decades to come. We’ve invested in all angles, from sustainable building practices and materials at our Boxyard RTP development, to increasing transportation options and improving our trail system.

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